Mother Teresa's Lessons of Love and Secrets of Sanctity

By Susan Conroy

An inside view of Mother Teresa's heroic love at work

A moving first-hand account of Mother Teresa and her work, written by someone who worked by her side. As an idealistic young volunteer, author Susan Conroy spent a summer serving in one of Mother Teresa's orphanages and in the Home for the Dying. "In a city where I found hell on earth," she says, "I also found each day a deep sense of peace and incredible happiness." It was an experience that changed her life forever.


She learned why Mother Teresa had found real joy in working with the poorest of the poor. Along the way, she took striking photographs that have never been seen before now


- photographs that show Mother Teresa at her everyday best. This is an account you won't soon forget, told with simple and loving directness by an eyewitness. Please see below for details...


Click here to hear an interview with Susan on Radio Maria from July 9, 2014.
Now available:
·The Catholic Company
· (Germany)
Focus TV Online had Susan on as a guest when she was visiting New Orleans, Louisiana
in late 2011. They now offer a DVD of that appearance. Below is a preview.
They also offer Susan's book for sale.

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