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Susan appears on EWTN in a 5 part miniseries 'Speaking of Saints'
Latest EWTN/Media Updates:
  • Susan wrote and filmed five more episodes of her EWTN series Coming To Christ! At the same time, an episode of EWTN's Life on the Rock was recorded with Fr. Mark and a number of Maine youth. Below are pictures from those events, check back here for news on when they will air on EWTN.

    Susan and Fr. Mark with Main youth in Main for Life on the Rock Father Mark and Matthew in Maine Susan, Fr. Mark and Maine youth on location on the coast of Maine Susan filming new episodes of Coming To Christ in Maine, 2015
  • Susan's appearance on EWTN's Bookmark March 15 2015 is now available on YouTube, see below.

  • Click book cover to see it larger New Coming To Christ Series aired June and October 2014, and June 2015 on EWTN! EWTN and Susan originally recorded 5 episodes of her new series "Coming to Christ" on the coast of Maine and it's initial airing was June 9-13 2014, 5 episodes twice a day, 3:00AM and 6:30PM. If you missed it, it's now available from EWTN on DVD and from Amazon. Another airing is scheduled for June 22-26, 2015, same times (although the Wednesday 6:30 episode will be pre-empted by a special Mass for the Nativity of Saint John but you can record the 3AM airing and watch it later).
  • Susan recently reported that she has completed filming of 5 more episodes of Coming To Christ in Maine, as well as a special episode of Life on the Rock, also in Maine. Watch this spot for more information on when they will air on EWTN!

    The companion book Coming to Christ: Resting In His Love (see cover image above) is also now available from the publisher, Our Sunday Visitor, Amazon in paperback and Kindle form, as well as signed copies of the book (and DVD) from Susan: click here to order via Paypal or if you prefer use this order form.

  • Here's a blog about the series from June 14, 2013 entitled "Come To Me, All You Who Are Weary And Find Life Burdensome, And I Will Give You Rest" which is the verse Matthew 11:28 that inspired the series. Susan also appeared on "EWTN Live" with Fr. Mitch on June 4, 2014 at 8PM!

    Click here to read a Fathers for Good interview with Susan about the series and book.
    Click here to listen to an interview with Susan on Radio Maria from Dec 4, 2014.

    Susan and EWTN crew on location on the coast of Maine

    The DVD and accompanying eponymous book will soon be setup with their own page on this website, which will also include a few more behind the scenes shots from the filming like the one above. Here's a screen capture the editors sent us of the title graphic.

    Sneak Peek of  Title Graphic

    Meanwhile here's a note about it from Susan:
    In the Introduction to that book, I shared the following insight:

    "This book is unique in that it blossomed from a television series! It is filled with reflections on how to come to Our Lord Jesus and find refreshment and peace. It contains the very basics of our Faith which are vital to us all, because to find Jesus Christ is to find salvation, since 'no one comes to the Father except through Jesus.'"

    My father used to say 'remember God, and He will remember you.' Throughout these pages, we will be sharing ways to keep turning to God and re-turning to God.

    This material was first presented and filmed outdoors in the state of Maine, overlooking the open Atlantic Ocean and overlooking the mountains. We were surrounded by God’s own glorious creation – because natural beauty draws us closer to Christ and raises our minds and hearts to Him. Our Lord Jesus liked to be near the sea – and so did the Apostles. They also liked to climb mountains to pray to Our Heavenly Father. In imitation of Christ, we went to the mountains and to the sea!
    Chapter 1 Where do we find Jesus Christ in our lives today? (series episode filmed at Portland Headlight)
    Chapter 2 Coming to Christ at Holy Mass (series episode filmed at Two Lights State Park in front of the Lobster Shack)
    Chapter 3 Adoration and Prayer (series episode filmed at Willard Beach)
    Chapter 4 Confession (series episode filmed in Benedicta, Maine with Mt. Katahdin as backdrop)
    Chapter 5 JOY (series episode also filmed in Benedicta)
    Pondering and sharing this material made me love Our Savior Jesus even more. My hope is that it will do the same for every reader who takes these words to heart.
    Here's another snap from the editing process:
    Sneak Peek of Susan

  • A Few More Video Clips: We've embedded a few more links of videos featuring Susan in the media section below. Just added one for May 2013 on Fr. Mark Mary's Power & Witness Blog!
  • Susan appears on "Women of Grace" with Johnnette S Benkovic June 23, 2011!
    • Susan appeared on Women of Grace on EWTN on June 23, 2011, the first of five episodes about the recently published sermons of Fr. Charles Arminjon "The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life" which Susan worked on translating from the original French, and the next day that book hit #1 in's "Bestsellers in Catholicism" list! The 5 episodes are listed below and are available from the Women of Grace website in both DVD and audio CD form. They are no longer available for viewing online.
      1. Signs, Circumstances, Persecution, the Antichrist-Pt 1
      2. Signs, Circumstances, Persecution, the Antichrist-Pt 2
      3. The Resurrection of the Dead
      4. The Four Last Things-Pt 1
      5. The Four Last Things-Pt 2
  • Speaking of Saints series airs on EWTN March 2011 through March 2012!
    • Susan's Series "Speaking of Saints" returned to EWTN with 13 episodes starting March 2011! While at EWTN studios in June and July 2010 Susan recorded eight new episodes of her series. On Sundays at 5PM and again Tuesdays at 5:30AM Eastern time starting in March 2011 the series aired on EWTN, beginning with the original five episodes followed by eight all new episodes. See below for more details on the episodes as described by Susan. And, there are still copies of the original 5 episide DVD from Susan as well as the new release containing all 13. Use this order form or click here to order via Paypal if you would like your own signed copy direct from Susan!
  • EWTN Appearances
Susan on EWTN
Susan in Speaking of Saints
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DVD Cover: Speaking of Saints

Speaking Of Saints, A 13 part miniseries hosted by Susan Conroy, premiered with the first 5 episodes on EWTN June 9 through June 13, 2008 at 3AM and 6:30PM Eastern Time (and a day later on EWTN in Europe) and aired again in the same time slots on February 16 through February 20, 2009 (also in Europe) and yet again at the same times the week of March 8-12, 2010. If you missed thr first 5 episodes, you can still obtain your very own copy on DVD from the EWTN Religious Catalog or by ordering a signed copy direct from Susan using this order form (Adobe Acrobat) or click here to order via Paypal. And it is also available from Aquinas & More Catholic Goods, and The Catholic Company.

In March 2011 the series returned to EWTN with an additional eight all new episodes, airing at 5PM Sundays and reairing at 5:30AM the following Tuesdays. All 13 episodes are now available on DVD from EWTN or get a signed copy direct from Susan (see order form above).

Here's a brief look at each episiode.

Faith Susan begins her series on the inspirational life and witness of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta with a look at the faith of this great woman of God and what we can learn from it.
LoveSusan continues her series on the inspirational life and witness of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta with a look at the profound charity of this great woman of God and what we can learn from it.
HumilityThe series continues on the inspirational life and witness of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta with a further look at the profound charity of this great woman of God and what we can learn from it.
SufferingSusan continues her series on the inspirational life and witness of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta with a look at how this great woman of God dealt with suffering.
HolinessSusan concludes her initial five episodes on the inspirational life and witness of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta with a look at the profound holiness of this great woman of God and what we can learn from it.
Prayer (part 1) In these two episodes on prayer, we share how the saints inspire us to incorporate prayer in our everyday lives, so that in the words of Saint Paul, we can “pray without ceasing!” We will touch upon how prayer strengthens our relationship with God and with each other.
Prayer (part 2) Susan continues her two episode coverage of how the saints inspire us to use Prayer.
Our Lady (part 1) In these two episodes on Our Lady, we look at the importance of true devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the vital importance of cultivating the virtues that Our Blessed Mother exemplified. In the words of Saint Therese: “she prefers imitation to admiration.”
Our Lady (part 2) Susan continues her episodes on the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Holy Eucharist (part 1) In these two episodes the Most Holy Eucharist, we share insights into this “source and summit of the spiritual life,” with the purpose of deepening our understanding of Christ’s love for us.
Holy Eucharist (part 2) Susan continues her episodes on the Most Holy Eucharist.
Heaven (part 1) In these final two episodes, we explore how to reach our ultimate destiny of everlasting happiness in Heaven, and how to live it even here on earth.
Heaven (part 2) Susan concludes the series with further discussion on Heaven.
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Susan has also appeared a number of times on EWTN, on the programs "Life on the Rock," "EWTN Bookmark," "EWTN Live," "The Abundant Life," and "Women of Grace". Audio and video of some of the broadcasts are available on the EWTN website and in some cases can be downloaded or played directly.

The follwong links lead to downloadable audio copies of various EWTN shows. You have to hunt the list a bit but you may find some of the following episodes featuring Susan:

EWTN Bookmark with Doug Keck
Fr. Charles Arminjon's "The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life" - Originally aired 11/21/2010.
Praying in the Presence of Our Lord with Mother Teresa - Originally aired 10/13/2005.
Mother Teresa: Lessons of Love & Secrets of Sanctity - Originally aired 12/4/2003.
Life on the Rock
Episode #681 with Fr. Mark Mary and Doug Barry - Originally aired 9/23/2010 (below).
DVD of the September 6, 2007 Episode Available from the EWTN Religious Catalogue
EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.
Mother Teresa - Originally aired 6/30/2010.

Susan has also been a guest on Relevant Radio's Morning Air a number of times, including this MP3 episode on the Memorial of Saint Catherine of Sienna which aired April 29, 2015.

Susan's appearances on EWTN are now available on EWTN's YouTube Channel!
(Or you can just click them below.)

And check out some other recent appearances posted to the web.

EWTN Bookmark - Coming to Christ, Resting in his Love - Doug Keck with with Susan Conroy - 3-15-2015

EWTN Live - Coming to Christ - Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. with with Susan Conroy - 6-4-2014

Life on the Rock - Power & Witness - Susan Conroy Speaking on the Spiritual Life - Fr. Mark and Doug with with Susan Conroy - 5-6-2013

EWTN Bookmark - The End of the Present World - Doug Keck with Susan Conroy - 11-21-2010

Life on the Rock - Speaking of Saints - Fr. Mark and Doug with Susan Conroy - 09-23-2010

EWTN Live - Mother Teresa - Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. with Susan Conroy - 06-30-2010
Focus TV Online interviewed Susan when she was visiting New Orleans, Louisiana
in late 2011 to discuss her first book and her time with Mother Teresa in India.
They now offer a DVD of that appearance. Below is a preview.
They also offer Susan's book for sale.

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